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Delta Delta Meow

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Handmade Catnip Cat Toys and Pet Beds

Our toys are made of cotton fabric with polyfill and premium, organic catnip.  Our Pet Beds are made with wooden wine crates using non-toxic stains and cotton fabric pillows.

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Handmade Catnip Cat Toys made with premium, organic catnip.  Handmade Pet Beds made from Wooden Wine Crates. Tested and Approved by the sisters of Delta Delta Meow.


Donate to Kitty Bungalow

Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats.  A grass roots, non-profit kitten rescue.  Rescuing hissy street kittens, socializing them and getting them adopted into loving homes.


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Amazon Wishlist

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Care Rescue LA

Care Rescue LA 

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We are Delta Delta Meow

Jan Heuer - Owner, Designer, Manufacturer.

House Mom at a Sorority for Cats, Delta Delta Meow. All sisters have been rescued from different situations at different times. Volunteer at Kitty Bungalow in Los Angeles. Making Catnip toys with love. Tested and approved by the sisters. 

Topo - Inspector, Shipping Adviser.  

Topo makes sure that all packages leaving DeltaDeltaMeow contain quality products.

Cleo - Manufacturing Supervisor.  

Cleo supervises all manufacturing by the DeltaDeltaMeow staff. She tends to micro-manage.

Ally - Security - Pest Control.

Ally takes her role as Security Officer very seriously. She maintains a vigilant watch over the birds on the balcony. Making sure they don't get too close, in case they are spies.


Lula - Tester.

Lula tests sample toys to make sure they are of the highest quality. 

Katey - Feline Resources.

Making sure the sisters of DeltaDeltaMeow receive all the cat grass, catnip toys, treats and brushing they are promised on a weekly basis. 

Pixie Dust - Financial Adviser.

Pixie makes sure we discuss the finances of the business on a regular basis. She is very strict about what we spend our money on. 

Jasmine - Executive Production Manager.  

Judging every decision made in the manufacturing process, from start to finish.  

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